Is it time to introduce Agile Democracy?

Are we ready for an Agile democracy?

Matt Sharpe

With all of the recent discontent with Abbott, and what now looks like an inevitable slide into a leadership spill we are once again as a nation on the edge of an uncertain few weeks and potentially months ahead as the machinations of the Canberra machine shuffle heads around and the markets follow suit. As a nation, whilst certainly not unique, we do seem prone to cycling (and re-cycling) through our prime ministers as a supposed solution to what are more often than not systemic issues not only with the parties and their policies but within the political system itself.

Instead of changing the faces at the top, is it perhaps time to take a step back and make some more radical shifts to our political system? Are we mature, nay brave enough to really embrace the true roots of Democracy in the original Athenian paradigm and try ‘Agile Democracy’?

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