A little bit about myself

I’ve been writing since I was given a pink book by my father to write in at the age of 8. I had chickenpox. I filled the book with poems. Until recently I had the book in my possession but in amongst my many moves across countries, continents, it has gone missing somewhere. I wrote in that book till I was 15. The poems take an unnerving turn somewhere around the age of 12. They become scary. If I ever found this book I’d be a little scared to read these poems. I would never want my kids to read them. The ones of me at 8 are cute. I won a poetry competition with one of the poems I wrote in the book.

When I went to university I started my very own poetry group. Unsurprisingly the group wasn’t that popular. Maybe 5 or so people joined. They also ended up becoming some of my best friends (at the time). We were a little bit intense.

I stopped writing poetry around the time I finished university. Poetry for me required a lot of emotional effort. By the time I was working in a corporate office all the emotion seemed to have been sucked out of me. I would cry on trains going to work. My ankle would randomly give way and I would fall all the time. I thought to myself this was no way to live. So at the age of 22 I decided to opt out of corporate life. I strapped on a backpack and went to Europe. I loved to travel. I discovered a lot about myself when travelling on my own. I feel everyone should travel on their own. The world would be a better place. I also met my husband during my travels. The rest I should say, is history.

It’s not though. It’s still the present. I went from poems to short stories to novels that were incredibly wrenching and heartbreaking to write and lead to nothing. I wrote plays that were more successful and radio plays that got aired on the BBC. I wrote scripts for a BBC radio drama series. I lived in London for eight years, Dubai for one and then moved back to Sydney where I currently reside. I’ve put my creative efforts to the side for now and juggle raising two kids with writing articles some of which you will find on here.